EXCLUSIVE: College Democrats of America Harass Pro-Israel Student (Warning: Contains Explicit Language)

In a shocking social media development, senior officers from College Democrats of America took to Facebook to bully a colleague for supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. Giovanni Hashimoto, a member of CDA’s national communication team posted on Facebook to support Israel as a “peace loving.” Within minutes he was harassed, name called with classic leftists tactics–by his colleagues at CDA. Chris Woodside, a social media coordinator for the national organization, equated Israel with Nazi Germany, exclaimed Israeli PM Netanyahu is a war criminal and perpetuating genocide and declared being pro-Israel and a “good person” mutually exclusive. Evan Goldstein, also listed by College Democrats of America as a social media coordinator, told the pro-Israel student to “go fuck himself” and described him as a “douchebag” for supporting the Jewish state.

cdaEditor’s Note: Above graphic is an abbreviated version of the full conversation on Facebook.


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