How Obama became complicit in Hamas’s Blood Libel Against Israel

Israeli airstrikes light up Gaza sky 6/29/14 credit:AP Photo

Israeli airstrikes light up Gaza sky 6/29/14 credit:AP Photo

Marie Harf, deputy spokeswoman for the United States State Department, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that Israel could do more to avoid civilian casualties in their air and ground operation in Gaza. “We know Gaza is very densely populated and we have said repeatedly that Israel has the right to defend itself. But we have also said that they need to take more steps to prevent civilian casualties. We’ve seen the picture on your network and elsewhere of the scenes here and it is tragic. If you just look at the photos — obviously, we know that more needs to be done and we have communicated that to the Israelis throughout this conflict.”

Harf’s assertion echoes the words of Ben Rhodes White House deputy national security advisor told Candy Crowley “I think you can always do more.”

Before dismissing these words as mere political babble or even a well-intentioned emphasis on humanitarianism, think about the implication of these words. These words shift the blame of civilian casualties from the barbaric terrorist organization, Hamas, to the lone middle-eastern democracy, Israel. They dismiss the extensive efforts by the IDF to spare civilians in the crossfires. The glaring question begged by these irresponsible words is as follows: if Israel could do more, why don’t they?

Is the Obama Administration asserting that the Israeli Defense Forces lack the resources, or the patience, or the diligence to spare civilian lives? Is it a matter of carelessness, or a perhaps a shortcoming in tactics? Or perhaps these Obama Administration officials are reflecting a belief that there is a deep moral deficiency in the IDF, and amongst Israel.

The pro-Hamas, anti-Israel crusaders accuse Israel of genocide against the Palestinian people. In their media, they accuse Israelis of an offensive against the women and children of Gaza and a systematic oppression of its people. In the UN they accused Israel of war crimes. They intend to legitimize their charters mission to “obliterate” Israel and its people, under a facade of human rights.  The Obama Administration has given credence to this ongoing new-age blood libel against Israel.

Israel takes unprecedented steps to spare civilian lives. It aborts missions consistently where civilians are at risk. It has been both diligent, and innovative in its methods to avoid collateral damage.  Nonetheless, Hamas and its supporters exploit the inevitable deaths of war to shame Israel from defending itself against a terror organization committed to Israel’s destruction.

The new era of anti-Semitism is comprised of the jihad of old, and the new, erroneous, humanitarian case for the destruction of state of Israel. In the heat of war Israel needs the rhetorical support of American leadership, not an Administration complicit in the blood libel against it. The Obama Administration’s words legitimize the detractors of Israel and embolden those who seek its destruction.

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